Saturday, November 19, 2011

Foodie at the notspa.......

Here I am at the notspa.........yes, still incarcerated at the hospital.  Same story, day 8.  Love my doctor for being conservative, but Come On Man!  I want to go home.  I have been watching hours of the Chew, food Network and even a few reruns of Julia Child- laugh out loud.......But what is the fun of watching food shows if you can't go try what you just watched?  I want to get flour all over my kitchen floor and sauce on my ceiling.  Hubby is amazed at the one man wrecking crew I can create in a kitchen.  what I would not love to be Mario Batalli and have 15 "Sue" chefs cleaning up after me!

so let's talk about Hospital food.  The former food boss of the Salina Country Club is now in charge of the hospital kitchen and I have to say- the food is good.  I love the moist and gooey chocolate cake-the best. And being kansas skinny girl I eat one with every meal and they weigh me AFTER  I eat! Naahaa!
being here 8 days, I have completely circulated through the main menu.
Breakfast, breakfast is bad, tasteless scrambled eggs and oatmeal not from Ireland- but I have not invested a lot of time in my breakfast choices-  My best- a coke with pellet ice, cashews and a Russel Stover chocolate at 5:00AM.
But, fear not, lunch and dinner have been tasty.  Hot turkey sandwiches with gravy over white bread and mashed potatoes-  It had flavor! Goulash like elementary school, a cool chicken salad on croissant, chunky chicken noodle soup, Beef and noodles,  Chicken and noodles, meatloaf and from the menu of our country club.....the double bogie.  ~An open face steak sandwich on garlic toast with  battered onion rings.  That is not your typical jello and soup meal.
I miss my heavy hand with garlic- beware you Twighlight fans.........I miss my organic Hawaiian sea salt.  I miss Watkins beef stock.  But if you ever need a Grandma, I just want Kansas soul food- come to the hospital cafeteria.  There is something healing in noodles.........
I have had carry out.  Sonic makes the best chocolate milkshakes!  I got a Chipotle burrito, laCasita enchiladas, Carolina BBQ and Marcia bear's homemade chili.  I got 100 pumpkin balls with whipped cream that I finally turned over to the nurses, cookies, chocolates, cheeze-its.
Food is healing, familiar, personal.  Food is my stress reliver, especially when I cook it.  choppin broccoli.......being here so long is stressful, but at least I can enjoy the meal- even when I eat dinner at 5:02pm.  Maybe that means I get to eat twice!

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  1. Margy you're a scream! Even in the hospital. Sitting in your notspa jammies, hey how'd you get away with that anyway? And eating all of that food! Yum, I've gained 5 pounds just reading this blog! That cake looks devine by the way...I'm just logging on after quite an absence so forgive me for not knowing you're story here and why you're in the hospital to begin with. But you look great, and you sound wonderful even though you may not feel it these days. If anyone deserves that chocolatey slice of heaven, it's you! Keep the spirits high and God speed! I'll check back in on you later. ((Hug))