Saturday, January 8, 2011

Winter Walk

This morning I woke up and wanted to go on a winter walk with the dogs.  No wind, 3 layers of clothes and sleeping bag down coat to my ankles, I ran the dogs when the sun was coming up.  What was I thinking?  Mom says I officially do not have her DNA.  I must have mutated.  I just wanted to be out.  All my friends are training for a marathon so they talk about running.  So I thought I would think about running while I walk.  The brown grass was matted so it was easy to walk.  Hidden trash was visible now- Stella started to roll in what looked something like a meth lab so we turned another direction.  We are scheduled for snow tonight.  The world was so quiet, waiting for the storm.  I wanted to be out in the world before I nest and batten down for the snow...........pray for a snow day.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Start anew

After Christmas is the time when I want to take everything down off my shelves and put it away or sell it.  I also want to do that with my personal insides, too.  Winter cleaning  ............. Dusting...... scrubbing......... bleaching....  I seem to want to do that not only to my house but to myself.  Here is my 2011 list of things I want to do....I don't like the word resolutions...............
One coke a day
 start yoga again
become more organized
less TV
read more
listen, talk less
spend less, save more
take more pictures of my food
cook for friends I love
run the dogs
build stamina in my walking
less steriods
play/laugh with my husband
write more letters
ride a horse
buy a new car

Is this too much for 359 days?  If I am authentic and thoughtful~  If I plan out these things, do they become habit?